HIV Infection and Immunosuppressive Disorders

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Objective: to analyze the prevalence of hepatitis B in Europe, Russia and St. Petersburg, to assess the current epidemic trends of chronic hepatitis B in pregnant women in St. Petersburg and to determine the genetic variants of HBV circulating among them. Materials and methods. In this paper, we analyzed the rates of detection of HBsAg in Europe, Russia and St. Petersburg. Additionally, the HBsAg detection frequency in pregnant women in St. Petersburg was analyzed. Moreover, to study the heterogeneity of HBV in pregnant women with chronic hepatitis B in SPb, plasma samples from 13 patients were examined. HBV DNA was isolated from the blood plasma using the commercial kit AmpliPrime Ribo-Prep following the manufacturer’s protocol. Results and discussion. The incidence of HBsAg detection in pregnant women in St. Petersburg was higher than the morbidity rate in the 18–39 age group in the general population. The study revealed the circulation of 4 subgenotypes: A2, D1, D2, D3 and one recombinant form of A/D. Conclusion. Despite some positive trends, the epidemic situation with hepatitis B in pregnant women in St. Petersburg remains serious. Since there are significant differences between HBV genotypes with respect to clinical features, to the response to antiviral therapy, as well as regarding the risk of a vertical transmission, it is advisable to determine the HBV genotype in broader groups of patients. 

About the Authors

M. A. Belopolskaya
Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital named after S.P.Botkin, Saint-Petersburg; Institute of Experimental Medicine, Saint-Petersburg
Russian Federation

V. Yu. Avrutin
Institute for Systems Theory, University of Stuttgart

Yu. V. Ostankova
Saint-Petersburg Pasteur Institute, Russia 516-th maternity hospital, Saint-Petersburg
Russian Federation

M. I. Dmitrieva
Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital named after S.P.Botkin, Saint-Petersburg
Russian Federation

E. A. Rukoiatkina
СПб ГУЗ «Родильный дом № 16», Санкт-Петербург
Russian Federation

A. V. Dmitriev
Institute of Experimental Medicine, Saint-Petersburg; Saint-Petersburg State University
Russian Federation

O. V. Kalinina
Saint-Petersburg Pasteur Institute, Russia 516-th maternity hospital, Saint-Petersburg; Almazov National Medical Research Centre, Saint-Petersburg
Russian Federation


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Belopolskaya M.A., Avrutin V.Yu., Ostankova Yu.V., Dmitrieva M.I., Rukoiatkina E.A., Dmitriev A.V., Kalinina O.V. PREVALENCE AND GENETIC VARIANTS OF VIRUS HEPATITIS B IN PREGNANT WOMEN. HIV Infection and Immunosuppressive Disorders. 2017;9(4):55-64. (In Russ.)

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